Electoral Roll Search

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Performing an Electoral Roll Search is a fantastic way to find people in the UK. It can be done quickly and is very cost effective. All you need to know is the full name of the person you are looking for and an area in which they live, the more specific the area the better your search results will be, for example, if you searched John Smith in Leeds there would be over 500 matches such is the popularity of the name, if you wanted a more accurate search you could narrow the search area to a small part of Leeds, obviously you can only do this if you know the area in which the person lives.

There are two ways to perform an electoral roll search in the UK. The first is a free electoral roll search. There is much to be said about free electoral roll searches so let us make this totally clear for you, the ONLY way you can perform a totally free electoral roll search is to go to the council offices yourself and look through the electoral register, if you are asking a company to search the current electoral roll for you then you will have to pay them. This is only fair as the company will have had to buy all the records and put them in a format that you can search, most companies charge less than £5 so it is not too much money and it can really improve your chances of finding someone.

We also have a guide Am I on the Electoral Roll

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Good luck with your electoral roll search