How to search the 2012 Electoral Roll

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How to search the 2012 Electoral Roll is something that will be on everyone’s lips in January once this new version is released to the public.

To search the 2012 Electoral Roll Search click here

Searching the electoral roll, also known as a voter’s roll search is easy to do. You must find a website that has access to the best, most up to date information, they will then provide you with the details that match your search criteria. You must be careful though, there are several websites out there that rank well so have a big online presence but do not have access to the latest versions of the voters roll.

Some of these websites only search the current electoral roll, some search the current one and back to 1993, you might think that this is irrelevant as you only want to search the latest electoral roll to see where the person lives now, this makes sense but unfortunately is not right. The voters roll is now edited, when you fill in the electoral register you can now opt out of the electoral roll. This means that if you are searching the latest electoral roll and the person you are looking for has opt out they will not show but they may show on previous versions, and as this comes at no extra cost you might as well use a website that can access historical data too.

When asking How to search the 2012 Electoral Roll what can you do to guarantee you get a value for money search?

•Do they have access to the latest version of the edited electoral roll? The Electoral Roll 2012 is now available.

•Do they have access to the historical electoral roll? A voter’s roll search that comprises of the current and historical electoral roll will really improve your chances of finding a friend online. Consider that they may have only opted off the voters roll search this year, if you had access to last year’s you would of obtained your friends address.

•Does the company you are about to pay your money to have access to any other systems? also search the Royal Mail PAF file and provide a telephone search within their results. have access to the latest version of the Electoral Roll and Historical data back to 1993, their searches also include telephone numbers. FinderMonkey is a UK based company and you can contact their Leeds office on 0113 2825900 also provide full People Finder Services a member of the FinderMonkey team will trace the exact person you are looking for to thier current address, they are so good at finding people they provide their People Finder Service on a no find no fee basis.

We hope we have helped you answer, How to search the 2012 Electoral Roll