How to Find Out Who Owns a Property

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How to find out who owns a property is commonly asked question.

Finding out Who Owns a Property is a very simple thing to do, you can for £4 go direct to Land Registry and obtain a copy of the Title Register for a property. This will tell you

  • Who Owns the Property
  • The Purchase Price
  • The date of Purchase
  • Who the Mortgage is with
  • A few more pieces of information like whether its a Freehold or Leasehold Etc

How to Find Out Who Owns a Property

As you can see for £4 you do get quite a lot of information. If this is all you need then Land Registry is the cheapest place to go but there is another service that offers some further information for not much more money. offer the same information as above plus

  • An Electoral Roll Search at the property
  • An Electoral Roll Search for the owner of the property – If they do not live at the property
  • A telephone number search of the property and for the owner

This service is priced at £10 which is very competitive and you get your results within an hour of ordering.

The FinderMonkey service is particularly useful if

  • You know the owner doesn’t live at the property – For example if the property is rented out but you need to speak with the landlord
  • You need to contact the owner by telephone – Their mobile number search is very comprehensive and includes mobile numbers
  • You need to know who owns the property and cross reference this with who lives at the property
  • You want to purchase an empty property and need to contact the owner at their current address

We would recommend this service and you can order here

Who Owns Property

We hoped we have answered the question, How to find out who owns a property.