How to Find People For Free

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How to find people for free is something we get asked all the time, it is one of the most common questions in the people search community. Finding people for free is possible, its not easy and most companies do charge to find a person for you. Saying that there are things you can do to find people for free and this guide is to help you do just that.

Firstly, this whole site is about finding people for free around the world so make sure you check the other pages of this site too. You can find people for free using the internet in the UK or beyond. Finding people for free is rewarding but it can be time consuming as you try different sites to locate pieces of information to help you find someone for free.

Most websites that you can use that are privately owned charge for their services; this is only fair as they are charged to obtain information so they need to make their money back. Some of these companies are on the left on this very page, they are worth checking out as they can usually access systems that are not available on the open market to home researchers like ourselves.

If you check these professional people searchers out and decide that you still want to carry out your own research you can actually use some of their free services or their basic services as a research tool rather than them doing all the work for you. As an example of this, here are a few suggestions to how you can use a professional people finder company as researchers for your own people search investigation,

Firstly if you are in the UK you can use a Electoral Roll Search to locate information about people, so you need a starting point for your own investigation, simply contact a service that provides either current electoral roll searches (expect to pay up to £10) or the last full electoral roll search in 2003 and give them the name of the person and the area, they will give you a list of matches on the Electoral roll in your area and you can then perform your own investigation to narrow down the list of names, some companies even supply phone numbers so you can call the matches and eliminate then from your investigation or better still conclude your investigation.

How To Find People For Free

Secondly, you could try a company that offers Director Searches, most people search companies in the UK can search to see if someone is a company director. You can supply the name and date of birth of the person and if there are any matches these will come up and the information supplied so you can follow the lead generated by the people search UK company rather than getting them to do everything which can take the fun out of things. There are many other things you can do to find a person so please check out the rest of the site for other people search tips to help you when your trying to find people for free. Other things that a people search company can do to help your research include

  • Checking who runs a company
  • Performing double name matches – Great if you know the name of your subject’s partner
  • Perform Electoral searches UK wide

Good luck learning how to find people for free